Vertice Oil Tools designs and develops tools that provide a simpler,
more reliable way for E&P companies to get the job done.



Differentiated completions solutions through technological innovation.


No rig up or rig down. No down time. No special tools.

Reduced Intervention

No risk of getting stuck. No reach limitation. No drill-outs.

Improved Efficiencies

Frac more stages in less time while maximizing stimulated reservoir volume.


Focus™ Frac Sleeve

State-of-the-art frac sleeve that enables operators to frac an unlimited amount of stages with the simplicity of a ball drop and benefits of single-point entry. The Focus™ Sleeve represents a technological leap in multi-stage fracturing and is supported by a suite of patented and patent-pending technology.

Ranger™ Extended Reach

State-of-the-art frac sleeve that enables operators to frac in extended reach applications through a ball drop system with sand filtering capability. The Ranger™ Extended Reach Sleeve represents a technological leap in extended reach fracturing and is supported by a suite of patented and patent-pending technology.

Annex™ Toe Sleeve

Coming Soon.

Apex™ Float Plug

State-of-the-art valve that facilitates extended lateral casing runs through a patent-pending floatation system. The Apex™ Float plug incorporates a dissolvable membrane combined with innovative design features that mitigate all associated risks of running casing, maximizing OD and leaving behind no debris.

Edge™ Frac Plug

State-of-the-art composite frac plug that enables operators to pump down and set the plug without the need for frac balls. The Edge™ patent-pending technology eliminates the need to drop a ball and enables operators to bypass the bridge plug in the event of a perforating gun misfire. The Edge™ design is compact, versatile, and is built specifically for frac applications.

Poseidon™ Frac-Pac

A Frac-Pac sleeve that has been built specifically for the offshore applications. The sleeve enables operators to accomplish an offshore Frac-Pac operation without any intervention. The Poseidon™ Frac-Pac represents another technological leap in offshore environment helping E&P companies to significantly reduce their cost.

About Us

Incorporated in 2017, Vertice Oil Tools was established with the goal of optimizing oil & gas completions globally. Vertice Oil Tools has developed an innovative suite of patented and patent-pending completions equipment designed to improve recoveries and reduce non-productive time. Our nimble approach and skilled, proven expertise enable us to work directly with operators to offer tailored completions solutions.




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