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V-RELEASE™ Refrac Liner System

Avoid The Risk - Eliminate Intervention


The V-RELEASE™ Refrac Liner System enables operators to deploy a refrac liner to total depth, cement, and easily retrieve the uncemented portion of the refrac liner or workstring. The V-RELEASE™ saves operators time and eliminates the need for multiple intervention trips to cut & pull, backoff casing, and redress the liner top profile. The design is compact, versatile, and built specifically for mechanical isolation in refrac applications.

The HyFORM™ Packer or SureSTACK™ Packer can be used in conjunction with the V-RELEASE™ to protect the cement job and provide a high integrity seal between the parent casing and the refrac liner for frac operations.

Running Tool Options

Vertice has developed multiple running tools to deploy refrac liners in every application. Regardless of the application, we have a running tool that will fit your well and provide you with the most optimal refrac liner solution. 

  • V-RELEASE™ HRT – with this hydraulic or mechanical release running tool, the operator can choose to disconnect before or after cementing operations. This running tool can be released with right-hand rotation or hydraulically via a ball drop. This is our most versatile running tool. 
  • V-RELEASE™ MX – with a mechanical only release running tool, the operator can disconnect before cementing operations with right-hand rotation. This is our most economical running tool. 
  • V-RELEASE™ DAF – this unique running tool gives the operator the ability to disconnect from the liner after the well has be stimulated and before production equipment is installed in the well. Depending on the well application, this running tool can be used to replace a tieback assembly and eliminate additional workover rig time. 

Full Bore Tieback Liner System

Most of our V-RELEASE™ Refrac Liner Systems come standard with a Tieback Receptable that allows our patented Fullbore Tieback Seal Assembly to be installed at any time. The Fullbore Tieback Assembly allows operators to frac wells that may have not been able to sustain refrac pressure and considered too risky. This system matches the drift diameter of the refrac liner and allows perf guns and frac plugs to run into the well without any issues.

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Avoid The Risk - Eliminate Intervention